MS. Pretty Feet Contest

Pretty feet Contest

Send entries to


Be sure to include at least 3 photos and a Brief summary of the best compliment you have received about your feetand why you feel your feet should win the ms pretty feet Beauty pageant.

To receive your Prizes please include your email address along with the mailing address you would like your prize sent to.

How to enter

1. Upload and Email us at least 3 clear good quality photos of you and your Feet of the tops and soles.

(examples below)

2. Please include a face photo of the owner of the feet, so you may be recognized in the event you win the contest.

3. Write a brief descriptionof the best compliment or compliments you have received about your Feet.

4. Please tell us the size and width of your feet and why you feel your feet should win the Ms. Pretty Feet beauty pageant. 

5.To receive your winning foot jewlery  Please include your email address and Mailing address

Submit your entry to:


Image submission Guidelines

These are the simple submission guidelines for the Ms Pretty feet contest. Please follow these basic guidelines to ensure that your submission will give you the best chance to win.

1. Save and email your photos in high quality make sure you photos are clearly focuses and crisp.Show tops and Soles.

2.Make sure your photos are close up shots to show the the entire foot, you may include close ups and very close  ups.

3.Give us a brief explanation of the best compliments you have received about your feet, or how often you receive compliments about your pretty feet. Tell us any situations or stories about your pretty feet. Tell us why you have the winning feet.Friends and family May also submit stories or comments about your feet, encourage them to send us a comment about  why you should win.

4. Minimum age to enter is 18 years old. Images should "Not" Contain any nudity or copy written images or anything unlawful. Any images containing nudity will be disqualified.

5. Please include one face image of who the feet belong to.  Please specify if you would like your face to be shown as the owner of the award winning feet on our website. If you elect not to have your face shown, we will not include your face photo on our site and your facial image will only  be kept for our office files. This is to ensure that you are the owner of the award winning feet.

6. Include your email address and Mailing address where you would like your prizes to be sent.

Judging will be based on the beauty of the feet and compliments and stories  you tell us about the beauty of your feet.

Please include Photos of the "Tops" and the "Soles" of your feet. Such as these examples.